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Dear Linn Productions,

  I guess the truth is, I'm not a very religious person. I lost God from my life years ago after a tragic death in my family. My faith was never very strong.

  So I'm kind of naturally skeptical towards films and music that have Christain themes.

  The real reason I even went to the movie is because I know the Linn family, and have tremendous respect for them. All of Rapid City has tremendous respect for them.

  I have to admit I was relieved, and very pleasantly suprised.

  I found that Into His Arms did not attempt to shove religion and Christianity down my throat. It was honest, simple and straightforward.

  There's not a lot of glitz or flashy special effects, just good, solid production and down-to-earth portrayals of real people. I appreciate the Un-Hollywood nature of the entire film. Nothing was gratuitous.

  My wife and I liked Into His Arms so much, we went back again the next day with our two sons. We felt there were messages in the storyline and in the dialogue that would be helpful to them as they grow older... messages about the harsh realities of growing up, and about how fleeting life and love and family can be. We take so much for granted until something happens to take it all away from us.

  I've always judged movies according to how they make me feel, and how they linger in my head. I don't have to like them to appreciate them, but I do need to feel an emotional connection afterwards. The scene with the two women beside the lake simply mesmerized me. I could almost feel the pain they shared with each other.

  I thought about Into His Arms for many days afterwards. It was definitely in my head.

  Most of all, it made me wish that I believed in God again.


Dear Linn Productions,

  Just saw your movie, "Into His Arms" today with my family. Had to write and let you know what we thought.

  1. It was well worth the $18.00 to have our kids see and hear a message regarding keeping safe/not being kidnapped.

  2. I greatly appreciate how disabled people were incorporated into the story and portrayed in a very positive light. They were a witness, a suspect, but more important, just average, middle-class folks who shop, have families and careers. They were not freeks or superheroes, which were the extremes they used to be portrayed as until only very recent history.

  I'm also going to send my reccommendation that folks go and see the movie to the subscribers of the DakotaLink Listserv.

  I am also a Christian and it was really nice to see a movie with no fowl language or graphic scenes. The family's Christian faith was so natural and the faith crisis of the mother was really real.


Linn Brothers,

  We viewed the show Tuesday and wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed it. So very refreshing that your movie is Christ-centered. Congratulations and Best wishes to you both.


  Hi my name is Ben and I am a 16 year old and I just got home from your movie in Rapid. I thought it was an excellent movie. It could show a lot of things, like how some people handle grief, or just how to handle things. Well anyway I thought it wa an excellent movie and I will probably see it again.


  Michael & Marc Linn, I just got done watching INTO HIS ARMS and I just want to congragulate you on such an AWSOME job! I am a 17 year old born again Christian and as I was watching it I couldn't believe that such a "religious" movie was being played in an actual movie theater, and the quality of your movie, wow! I just stand in awe of how God has used the both of you for this movie. People are going to be led to Christ by this film, this is what our comunity has been praying for.


Dear Mike & Marc,
  A friend and I went to "Into His Arms" Saturday. We were impressed by the movie. Everthing from the story line to its quality. I hear that it has been extended for another week. I have been and will continue encouraging friends and family to view your movie. Keep up the good work and God bless.

Michael & Marc,

  Great job on "Into His Arms." I'm trying to get all the people I can down to see your film. It has been a growing passion of mine to produce Christian films and never dreamt someone right here in the Hills was already doing just that. I truly pray God blesses this first production and you are enabled to continue expanding your work.


Mike & Marc,

  Congratz on the wonderful production of "Into His Arms." I was spellbound during and awed afterwards.


  Your film is excellent. We want to see it again Sunday and appreciate it even more the second time. You did a great job and can be proud of all your hard work. We hope it runs a long time and is a success.
Keep making more movies!


Dear Linn Productions,

  WOW! WOW! WOW! What an awesome film! The message was very powerful! Even in the wake of tragedy, God is still in Control!
I also want to say, THANKS for making a clean, family-oriented movie. Most of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood is Garbage. It truly is possible to make a movie without sex, violence or foul language.
I will be ordering a copy of the film. It's a keeper! :)

May the Lord, God, make his face to shine upon you!