Faye Wefso stars as Jennifer Richards, a little girl whose fate is unknown after she disappears while shopping with her mother one day after her 7th birthday.

Marcia Welsh Kahler stars as Sharla Richards, a mother who struggles with her faith in God when her daughter is abducted.

Joel King stars as Jim Richards, father of the abducted girl. While he tries to remain the emotional backbone of the family, he also believes his daughter will not be found alive.

Christina Carlson-Juntti stars as Cara Richards, Jennifer's older sister. After the abduction, she deals with feelings of sadness and guilt over past sibling rivalries.

Travis Opdyke (right) stars as Detective Gary Weber, an investigator with the local police department. He and his partner, Matthew Temple, played by Marc Linn, (left) attempt to discover what happened to the little girl.